Nival to release Allods® 2: Necromancer

Nival Interactive announced today that Allods 2: Necromancer has entered manufacturing and will be unleashed onto retail shelves on April 15, 1999.
Allods 2 is a sequel to the popular game Allods®: Sealed Mystery published by 1C, Buka and Nival exactly a year ago, on April 15 1999,which has been enthusiastically received by the gaming community both in Russia and worldwide. Rage of Mages 2 enhances the tradition of its predecessor by combining the best elements of both role-playing and strategy games to create a unique gameplay style. Players are introduced to new role-playing elements, such as non-linear missions with divergent endings. In the new exciting environment the players will encounter more of a thrilling adventure, implacable foes and loyal friends.

'The multiplayer mode of the game has undergone some serious surgery', comments Dmitry Devishev, the Allods 2 Project Lead. 'Self-generating multiplayer quests, scalable server configuration, displaying clan names of the characters and many other novel technical solutions add incredible replay value'.

1C Company announced a 50% discount for all owners of licensed copies of Sealed Mystery on buying the sequel. 'This step will provide a highly desirable support to the official civilized Russian software market', said Serge Orlovsky, the Project Producer.

In order to simplify registration, each user will receive an envelope with a personal code to be used while playing on the dedicated Internet server. As you buy a copy, make sure that the envelope seal is secure.

Nival positions itself as a developer of state-of-the-art games for both Russian and foreign markets. Its team is committed to incorporating the high-end technologies into the entertainment software. More info can be found on the Internet at

*Allods is a registered trademark of Buka Company.