Nival Acquires Atlantis II for Publishing in Russia

Nival Interactive acquired Cryo Interactive Entertainment's Atlantis II for publishing in Russia, CIS, and Baltic Countries. Atlantis II, the highly anticipated sequel to Cryo's best-selling adventure Atlantis, will be fully localized into Russian. Release is scheduled simultaneously in Europe and Russia.
Atlantis II will be the first in the line of titles published by Nival in Russia under the new joint label 1C/Nival. Marketing strategy of this label is designed to penetrate all segments of software market and effectively confront piracy, capturing a large market share for licensed products.

"Nival's unique approach is the first opportunity for European and American publishers to sell thousands of copies of their titles in Russia, reaching circulation previously attainable only in the U.S. and major European markets, -- says Serge Orlovsky, President of Nival Interactive. - I am pleased that Cryo is the first company to take advantage of our distribution model, and we have very high expectations for success of Atlantis II. Nival has developed perhaps the strongest brand loyalty in Russia by giving the gamers exactly what they want, and we are committed to doing the same with localized entertainment software."

Special attention is paid by Nival to the quality of translation and sound recording, which is the primary requirement of Russian audience. Michael Latour, who is in charge of this project at Cryo, says: "I am very happy to see the interest of Russian players for Atlantis 2. This game has been developed by Cryo to provide them fascinating hours of adventure in the heart of the everlasting fight between good and evil. Thanks to our Russian partner for this operation, Nival Interactive, all the texts and dialogs are translated for a total immersion in the game."

A legend and adventure game, Atlantis 2 allows you to follow Seth, the hero, bearer of Light, the only one able to save the world from Obscurity. From Ireland to China in 1043; the road will be long! A tool of destiny, you will untie its knots aided in your task by your fantastic guides and mediators: magicians, sorcerers and alchemists... Atlantis I, was one of Cryo's greatest successes. Translated into 23 languages, through its graphic qualities it initiated players to a certain ''French touch'' now claimed by the entire French multimedia industry.