Nival to announce publisher for Evil Islands

Nival Interactive, the leading Russian game developer, announced a publisher for its up-coming full 3D RPS (Role Playing Strategy) game under the ex-codename of Allods III: Redemption.

The game will be published worldwide under a new games label to be announced in April by Ravensburger Interactive Media GmbH, a multimedia subsidiary of the leading European game corporation Ravensburger AG, under the title of Evil Islands.

Frank Heukemes, Director Games for Ravensburger Interactive, says, "This strong title is perfect to introduce our new games label because it is not only dazzling fun for the lovers of hack-and-slash combat in a gorgeous true 3D environment. Evil Islands is also a real challenge for players whose prime weapon is intelligence, imagination, and craft, which gives Evil Islands a great bestseller potential. We recently presented the game at Milia 2000, where it was most enthusiastically welcomed."

"We are extremely delighted with the full understanding and strong support we receive from our publisher, says Serge Orlovsky, Nival's President. - We are very proud to work with one of the largest European game corporations, and we are confident that Ravensburger will lead our new title on the European and worldwide markets to its utmost success".

Nival Interactive and Ravensburger Interactive announced that Evil Islands will be released in Europe in early September 2000. The game will be presented to the press in a major preview event around early summer in Munich, where Ravensburger will set up a new games division.