The newly released "Faust: Seven Games of the Soul" fully localized into Russian contributes to the fast growing strength of the Nival/1C joint publishing label

Nival Interactive, a leading Russian game publisher, is excited to announce impressive success of the new title from Cryo Interactive fully localized into Russian and released in April 11, 00 by the joint publishing label Nival/1C on the Russian market.

After the overwhelming success of Atlantis II, localized and published by Nival/1C in October, the Russian gaming community gratefully received "Faust: The Seven Games of the Soul", the new quest from Cryo and Arxel Tribe, featuring a combination of the high language and sound quality and the original atmosphere heedfully preserved. Within the next month Nival/1C will launch three more localized titles from Cryo to the Russian market ("Devil Inside", "Time Machine", Pompei"), to be continued with a new flight simulator "Enemy Engaged: RAH-66 Comanche versus Ka-52 Hokum" from Empire Interactive.

Nival/1C unique distribution model proved itself extremely efficient in penetrating all segments of software market and effectively confronting piracy, providing the novel opportunity for European and American publishers to sell thousands of copies of their titles in Russia, reaching circulation previously attainable only in the U.S. and major European markets. Feedback from Nival's users and retailers shows that Nival/1C price policy and high localization quality enable Nival's localized titles to easily win the competition against pirated versions. Market research conducted within several past weeks shows considerable decrease in sales of pirated versions of games that are expected to be released by Nival/1C and increased demand for the licensed Nival/1C products. Nival/1C localized titles due in April feature most popular Russian actors and have very healthy sales estimates.

"We are paying special attention to the quality of translation and sound recordings, which is the primary requirement of the Russian audience, - says Serge Orlovsky, President of Nival Interactive. - The extremely rich, culturally and stylistically bound atmosphere of "Faust" provided us with ample new and very valuable experience. We believe that with Faust we reached a new and higher stage of game localization quality, which makes us feel even more confident as publishers. With our four new titles so close to release, we are looking forward to the next challenge".