Evil Islands beta version will be presented at the E3 show

Nival Interactive announced today that the beta version and playable demo of the innovative role playing strategy game Evil Islands will be presented during the E3 show at the booth of Ravensburger Interactive.

At the E3 Ravensburger will announce Fishtank - its new games publishing label, under which Evil Islands will be released worldwide. Ravensburger's booth number 6643 will be situated at the Kentia hall. The playable demo version of Evil Islands has been first presented at the 11th International Comtek exhibition in Moscow, which took place on 17-21 of April, where it received pronounced critical acclaim and admiration of gamers.

Frank Heukemes, Director Games for Ravensburger Interactive, says: "We are excited to present Evil Islands to the wide circles of the gaming community. This is the first of a series of very promising titles of our new games label Fishtank. It is the first time gamers will be able to actually lay a hand on the game, and we believe it will make our presentation really impressive. It is still more important for us as it is the first title to introduce Fishtank, our long-planned and painstakingly nursed game publishing label".

The beta version of Evil Islands brings at your fingertips all exciting options of the true 3D game engine in a luxurious fantasy environment. The freely floating camera will show the perfectly realistic world of the three "islands" with the level of detail up to 30 000 polygons per frame. Smooth day/night change, dynamic soft shadows, special particle effects, fog and rain, diversity of inhabitants from a massive troll to a harmless domestic cow make the atmosphere of the game extremely immersive and spectacular. A breathtaking adventure in a fantasy but so incredibly real world pits you against crowds of deadly enemies and allows a great variety of creative tactical solutions. Choose a hit location on your enemy's body, see it bleed, and see the blood running to the ground out of your enemy's corpse. In every new combat you can tell immediately how strong your enemy is by simply looking at him. Attack, if you are strong enough, or retreat and hide. Gather your loot and reassemble it in the fantastic magic and item constructors to create your personal, unique weapon, armor and spells. Enjoy it!