Nival Interactive and Ravensburger Interactive announce Etherlords at ECTS

Nival Interactive and Ravensburger Interactive announce the new game title Etherlords to be first presented to the gaming community at the ECTS show. Etherlords has been started in April 1999, and will be released worldwide under Ravensburger Interactive's Fishtank label in Autumn 2001.
The game will be shown at the booth of Ravensburger Interactive, G561 at the Hall Ground Floor, as well as the highly anticipated Evil Islands, the innovative blend of role-playing, strategy, and the state-of-the-art 3D technology.

Frank Heukemes, Director Games at Ravensburger Interactive, states: "Etherlords is the next game in the row of high-quality triple A-titles that will be published under the Fishtank label next year. We strongly believe that this is one of the games that have the potential to hit the Top Ten in the market, and it is with these titles that we plan to conquer the hearts of the most exigent gamers all over the world."

Etherlords is a turn-based strategy bringing players a totally novel game play, which blends best of magic combat prompted by trading card games and strategic resource management. The game boasts a full 3D thickly populated game world with the level of detail and realism unique for the genre. There is no limit to the number of individual battle strategies you can create with the ample magic system including over 300 spells. One-on-one combat features a great variety of video effects and perfectly smooth animations. The unique battle system is specifically tailored to allow dynamic multiplayer combat via Internet.

Serge Orlovsky, President of Nival Interactive, says: "This game is an exciting and totally new experience for us, as it is the first game we make in a very different universe as compared to our previous titles. We are particularly glad that Etherlords will be published worldwide by Fishtank Interactive. This is the second project we are working on together, and I must stress that with the full support and understanding we always meet in our publisher we are very confident in the future of this new title. As in our previous games, we were keen on bringing players all over the world a fresh and innovative gaming experience, and we believe that we are now closer to it than ever".