Evil Islands German goes gold!

Nival Interactive and Ravensburger Interactive have announced today that the German version of Evil Islands has gone gold! The game will be unleashed onto the retail shelves in Germany on the 26th of October. The worldwide release is scheduled for Q1 2001.

"We are extremely glad to report the close release of the first title in the row of potential
hits that will be published under our Fishtank Interactive trademark,
- says Frank Heukemes, Director Games for Ravensburger Interactive. - This game offers infinite variability of personal battle strategies to develop, which makes it an exciting challenge to wits and a real find for the German market, where games with a strong strategic point have always been popular. We are very confident that the game will be most warmly received by German players, as well as by the rest of the worldwide community".

Over 80 quests on three totally different, but equally beautiful islands require smart tactical solutions and the guts to find the way out of the most desperate situations. In return, the game offers you a whole bunch of new, unrivalled opportunities. You can crawl and strike from behind, choose a hit location on your enemy's body, boost magical, combat, or stealing skills of any of your characters to your choice. Create your custom weapon, armor, and spells with the help of the unique magic and item construction tools, and do not forget to repair your equipment in time. Evaluate your enemies' strength by simply looking at them. See your character's
shoulders broaden as his strength grows, and watch a huge troll shrink in real time, right on the battle screen. Interactive music, special for the three islands, complements to the beautiful landscapes and helps creating an unforgettable atmosphere.

Find and enjoy the German version of the playable Evil Islands demo at the new international multi-language Evil Islands web-site hosted at www.evil-islands.com. Six immersive quests on one of the islands will let you fully appreciate the originality of the gameplay and marvel at the beautiful scenery. Have a try on nearly all of the exciting new features of the full version long before the release! The English demo version is scheduled for release in November 2000.

Beside the demo, the new international Evil Islands web-site contains lots of game info, new graphics, and sheer fun. The new site is a game about a game: its original design concept features plenty of amusing animations, making it as live and truly interactive as the game itself.