Nival and Fishtank will show Etherlords at E3

Nival's new turn-based strategy title Etherlords will be shown to industry and press for the first time at E3 2001 in Los Angeles. Come see the game at booth #6045 of Ravensburger Interactive Media on May 17-19. Etherlords is scheduled for release in Q4 2001 under the Fishtank label of Ravensburger Interactive Media.
Etherlords is a turn-based strategy bringing players a totally novel game play, which merges best of magic combat prompted by trade card games and strategic resource management. With its high-end true 3D engine, Etherlords boasts an astounding full 3D thickly populated game world with the level of detail unique for the genre. The innovative magic system including over 300 spells allows players to create a virtually unlimited number of individual battle strategies. True 3D combat features a great variety of video effects and perfectly smooth animations. The unique battle system is specially tailored to allow dynamic multiplayer combat.

Etherlords and Etherlords logo are trademarks of Nival Interactive.