Nival acquires Stupid Invaders for publishing in Russia

Nival Interactive, the major publisher of PC games in Russia, CIS, and Baltic States, is expanding its product range. After having successfully localized and launched multiple products by Empire, Cryo, and Index/Wanadoo, Nival continues with signing a publishing agreement with Ubi Soft Entertainment.

Nival has announced today that it has acquired Stupid Invaders, the best adventure game of the year 2000, for publishing in Russia, CIS, and Baltic Countries. This zany, 3D adventure inspired by the popular animated series Space Goofs, will be fully localized into Russian. Release is scheduled for Q1'01.

"Ubi Soft is very happy with this first collaboration with NIVAL, - says Rose-Marie David, Export Account Manager for Ubi Soft Entertainment. - This partnership will give the possibility to adventure game fans who are searching for a hilarious game full of caustic humor to play Stupid Invaders into their native language".