Nival Interactive announces the results of the "Artists of Might and Magic" poster art contest.

The participation level of the "Artists of Might and Magic" poster art contest competitors was very high which once again confirms the incredible popularity of the Heroes of Might and Magic V universe.

Each of the 400 received artwork submissions reveals the authors' ideas about the world of the game and each deserves a mention. Winning entries were selected to receive cash prizes by a jury comprised of Nival Interactive's leading artists and members of the Heroes of Might and Magic V development team. This fact made the contest even more relevant and exciting. It was not easy to choose the winners, but we managed to examine every single submission.

So, the winners are:

  • First Prize - $2,000: Leo Hao
  • Second Prize - $1,500: Roman Gunyavy (GURO)
  • Third Prize - $1000: Void

In addition, the authors of 10 other best works will each get a special $100 prize.

The open vote for the special viewer's choice prize revealed another winner, who gets a Sony PSP gaming console. The winner of this prize was Vladimir Gulevski (GRAFuS).

Nival Interactive congratulates the contest winners and all competitors!

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