Nival Interactive spins-off Online Game business

Nival Interactive, Inc., an international developer of high-quality computer, video and mobile games, today announced that it has sold its massive multiplayer online (MMO) spin-off Nival Online to an undisclosed party. Terms of the transaction were not announced.

Nival Interactive said the decision to spin-off its online initiative fits with the company’s strategy to focus on expanding into the global PC and console markets. Nival Interactive’s ability to combine U.S. creative and management resources with exceptional development talent in regions of the world with lower production costs, including Eastern Europe, gives the company and its partners a significant advantage in the competitive game industry.

About Nival Interactive
Nival Interactive, Inc. is an international game developer and publisher, and the largest development studio in Eastern Europe. Headquartered in Los Angeles, with a main creative studio based in Moscow, Russia, the company is expanding its expertise and experience in gaming to achieve aggressive growth in the production of PC, console, handheld, mobile and casual games. Founded by Sergey Orlovskiy in 1996, over the past decade Nival has developed more than 15 high quality and internationally successful games. Nival is currently in development on several new products, including Heroes of Might and Magic V for Ubisoft Entertainment, which will join a prestigious family of titles that includes the Blitzkrieg, Etherlords, Silent Storm and Rage of Mages franchises. For more information about Nival visit