Piratia comes to Russia!

Piratia is a massive multiplayer online role playing game set in fantasy anime universe. A bright mix of vivid charismatic graphics and thrilling adventures of sea pirates, Piratia gives everyone an opportunity to become a captain of a sailing ship and go searching for pirates’ treasures in a company of friends.

Piratia takes players to formerly powerful kingdom located at a huge continent surrounded by a boundless ocean. Happy life of the powerful kingdom was broken by a sudden fratricidal war that separated the country into several independent lands. The only thing uniting the islands now is an ancient legend about great treasures hidden by the famous king of pirates… Players are to journey on land through populated cities, hot coasts, mysterious forests, and to prowl the sea on their own ships to explore boundless territories of the three oceans in the search of wealth and glory.

The project launch is scheduled for autumn of 2007.