Blitzkrieg 3 gets a classic PvP mode

Nival releases a big update, including the unveiling of Skirmish mode. Players will be able to participate in exciting 1v1 battles or hone their teamwork in 2v2 and 3v3 modes. In order to win they will have to capture and hold control points.

"Until recently all multiplayer battles in Blitzkrieg 3 were based around attacking and defending fortifications," says Pavel Naumenko, the head of the project, "but many players wanted a classic PvP experience. We're pleased to announce that this update makes those requests a reality."

Merely using your troops well will not be enough to win in this new mode. The map will be littered with various abandoned fortifications: pillboxes, mortars and anti-aircraft guns. Capturing these gives the player a significant advantage. For instance, capturing a howitzer at an elevated position could provide artillery cover for a tank unit advancing on a city.

For the next big update Nival is planning to complete one of three planned historical campaigns, with the first dedicated to the story of the German special forces.

You can learn more and purchase a digital copy of the game on the official website and on the game's Steam page.